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DC Infrastructure

Your Data Center well protected? Can you avoid Downtime?

Your Corporate Data Centers are the key component of your corporate IT/Business strategies.

In CyberX; we offer all Datacenter Infrastructure solutions whatever DC complexity level is, our experts can manage all DC parts and apply the correct installation, integration, automations and provide expert level of technical support for virtual privet cloud Data Center “DC”, software defined data centers “SDDC”, and cloud providers scales.

Offered services in Datacenter Infrastructure are:

DC Infrastructure Design, and Re-design based on best practice, and vendors recommendations

DC Infrastructure Assessment and Infrastructure design review

Consultation for mega projects and vendor management

Infrastructure documentation HLD, LLD, and as built documentations

Onsite and remote support

Managed services for operations, migrations, relocations, and maintenance of DC Infrastructure and Migrations

You need to know the following about your Data Center Infrastructure:

Our prestigious DC Infrastructure Vendors includes but not limited to the following: